Itty bitty triumphs: building tomorrow today ;)

Screen Shot 2014-04-04 at 4.14.33 PMI just discovered Dr BJ Fogg - what an awesome human/scientist/researcher/writer.  A rather pathetic summary of something very helpful and simple that i don’t want to forget, is how ‘tiny habits’ are essential to modifying behavior/creating new behaviors.  Start small, congratulate yourself and you’re building your habit making skills.

If you want to get yourself in shape, don’t throw yourself into cardiac arrest on day 1 or you won’t want to return to it day 2.  But, if you do 2 jumping jacks and say ‘wow, i did it! I started!’ (with sincerity and gusto!!!) Then, you are building the road to being in shape.   This concept has been popping up all over my reality lately – having just read me so uber-best-life-coachy-self-helpy-wonder Martha Beck who calls this process ‘turtle steps’ – which makes me think about how the turtle won the race ;)  Visions of the turtle trudging along, with a huge smirk of glee, a happy dance of self-satisfaction and earnestness, yet his humility in being so slow prevents us from finding him arrogant from dancing is self-satisfaction. Oh earnest turtle, i love you.

Pulling into current life:

– Parenting: being the earthly ambassador to my offspring: what better advice than to help my sons learn to take turtle steps and humbly self-celebrate. No shoves, trust slow and teach them to flex their habit building muscles with itty bitty triumphs. Let them conceive and idealize turtle steps. Current example, 6 year old Teo does not want to practice reading (perhaps he felt ashamed, pushed too hard, frustrated that he could not read as well as the 7 year olds in his class.) So, tonight, i’m going to help him imagine his turtle steps because the stickers inside the books are not enough.   Grit and self-motivation come from that dance of glee. That sense of starting, then of actually being on your way.

– consumption:  ohh, yes, you wonderful world of selfquantifying apps that provide charts and feedback for happy dance sensation.  Point us towards environmental benevolence.  Here’s that article about how the trigger of opening up a utility bill with a chart of your neighbors consumption and it triggering reduction in consumption! oh, you are awesome.  The turtle turning off his lights when he exits a room.

- my app development.  So, now i’m going bonkers over a variation of the visualization idea.  Sunday night sessions where you set out your weekly goals a la Benjamin Franklin – but user-friendly handheld, fun way.  And, it produces self visualization triggers throughout the week…fun triggers. High entertainment value triggers.  But, it must be held to the user that their goals need to be amphibious/turtle steppy.  Hummm…a nice variable to integrate. A challenge.  And, of course, the design to do the session, easy, fun, etc.

–  After reading and watching Senior Fogg, I will not dare to say that The Mood Project should motivate…it uses media as a trigger…but i think he would say that it’s a stretch to call watching videos a trigger…but, perhaps we propose that media could provide a nice initial motivational wave up and then user gets to lock into turtle stepped action. To think about.


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