Visions for Like Hacking/Self Helpware

Oh futurist/self-help-loving/seekers – what a precipice we now stand upon!  The data is in, the people are ready…quantified self groups have sprung up around the planet with eager data sharers, hoping for a little help in the big data.  OK – here  i will put more thoughts and links to this subject….SOON>

To start:

Rewriting Memories/treating PTSD and perhaps treating mood:

Did you see the article in the NewYorker:


Can neuroscience help us rewrite our most traumatic memories?

When you recall a memory, you are rebuilding the neural pathway of the memory.  Which opens up the possibility of tweaking the way which we recall it, literally altering the pathway, and changing the emotional effect of the memory.


The concept of tweaking how you think about something to alter it’s power of you has been a favorite of self help gurus like Tony Robbins, who claims that if you associate eating too much with pain/agony/disgust that you will be less like to overeat.  So, now – dial-up the speed of software and quantified self…and we have ourselves some very powerful bits to play with.  To hack. To help ourselves with, no?


Fears that hacking your associations is dangerous or unethical be gone! You’re already having this  hacking ‘done’ to you by advertisers and bad habits.

The concept of forward memories…of creating visualization that lays down the neural pathway for a ‘memory’ in the future…and making it in more concrete software instructions with quantifiable impact and timing…ohhh, i’m excited for this to bubbling of concepts to cook into a prototype.


Bring on Big Data for Little Helpers

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