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Billboard = Water

Billboards can make water out of thin air

Peruvian communities are getting fresh drinking water in extremely dry climates thanks to a billboard smart enough to suck minuscule amounts of water out of the air! If this can be done, what can’t?  See fullstory/video



Hope: Light in a plastic bottle. http://tinyurl.com/pjbr7haLight in a recycled bottle

Scrappy brilliance!!! By putting plastic bottles filled with water and a little bit of bleach, there’s suddenly light inside otherwise dark day-time shanty-shacks. Currently in Argentina, I see many a shanty towns – it’s very bizarre because not only may you see a roof with the top of a plastic bottle, but a DirecTV dishes too.
See fullstory/video


mechanicArgentine Car Mechanic Groundbreaking Medical Device

A car mechanic watched a youtube video about how to suck out a cork that has fallen into a wine bottle – and wakes up in the middle of the night with a vision for babies stuck during delivery.  The device is now about to change the world of delivery. See fullstory/video




Teen invents cheap Pancreatic cancer test!

Fricken awesome kid! See fullstory/video